Trademark Registration in Myanmar


First-to-file System

The new Trademark Law, Rules and Regulations were enacted in Myanmar. The first-to-use system was transformed to the first-to-file system inconformity with the new Law.During the GRAND OPENING, the new trademarks will be allowed in accordance with the new regimes. Since the Law is a strict first-to-file system and so the brand owners should be prepared to file all their important trademarks on the first day of the Grand Opening to receive the earliest filing date. The date of filing is very important, not the date when the trademark was the first used in the markets, regardless of who is the first user of the mark. To protect your brand name and the name of your business, the first thing to do is to seek legal protection in your business in Myanmar according to the new Myanmar Trademark Law.


The online registered trademarks, foreign or local, are valid for a period of ten years under the new Myanmar Trademark Law and will be renewable every ten years.

Priority Claims

An applicant from one contracting State of Paris Convention or WTO shall be able to use its first filing date as the effective filing date provided that the applicant, or his the successor in title, files a subsequent application within 6 months from the first filing date.

Other matters

The New Trademark Applications of Ownership, Renewal, Recordation of Transfer, Recordation of License, Changes of Owner's names, Addresses and correcting errors will be accepted in conformity with the new regimes of the  new law. During the Grand Opening, the new trademark applications can be filed online.


The cost for registration of a trademark per one mark / service in one class is 500USD only. Please kindly see the breakdowns and the costs for other matters in the 2023 FEES SCHEDULES in the left table.



Please kindly see the details in the left table. We need only your instructions and TM2 Form notarized.



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